Catalan's problem

The basis of the following materials (written in Russian) are talks given by Yu.V. Nesterenko at the seminar on Diophantine approximations and transcendental numbers (the Department of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow Lomonosov State University). The conspects are prepared and adopted by W. Zudilin; all comments are welcome. We would like to thank Yu.A. Aleksentsev, E.M. Matveev, and other participants of the seminar for suggestions. Special gratitude is due to M. Mignotte for giving materials of his own lectures on the subject.

    Catalan's problem
  1. Elementary introduction (Russian, 22 pages, pdf, ps)
  2. Mihailescu criterion (Russian, 9 pages, pdf, ps)

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Wadim Zudilin /
Department of Mechanics & Mathematics
Moscow Lomonosov State University
Vorobiovy Gory, GSP-2
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Started on November 3, 2002
Last modified on November 3, 2002